Exagate & Boreas are Touchdown Middle East Silver Sponsors

We are excited to announce that Exagate & Boreas, data centre solutions providers, are Touchdown Middle East Silver Sponsors!

“In this digital age, data centres serve as the backbone of our interconnected world, playing a pivotal role in driving innovation and technological advancements,” said Georges Dubien, MEA Sales Director, Exagate & Boreas. “Touchdown Middle East, set against its strategic location and forward-thinking approach to technology, provides the ideal stage for driving this innovation forward. It’s not merely a gathering; it’s a celebration of our shared passion for data centres. This event offers a unique opportunity for us to convene, share our experiences, and mutually inspire one another.”

About Exagate & Boreas:

Exagate & Boreas, both integral parts of the ACIK Holding group, have established themselves as pioneers in their respective fields, shaping the infrastructure of data centres in Turkey and beyond.

Exagate stands at the forefront of data centre equipment manufacturing, IPDU’s, EMS, BMS, Leak detection solution, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation. Its commitment to quality and excellence has solidified its reputation as a key player in the industry.

On the cooling front, Boreas has earned a well-deserved reputation for its expertise in temperature control within data centres and comfort solutions. Its advanced cooling solutions in AHU’s, CRAC, CRAH, Free cooling, Inrow, Fan walls and pool dehumidification are designed to optimise performance, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Boreas ensures that data centres remain at the ideal temperature to guarantee the seamless operation of critical systems.

Collectively, Exagate & Boreas exemplify the commitment of ACIK Holding to innovation, reliability, and excellence in the field of datacenter technology.

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